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Ganesh in vastu

Posted on September 28, 2012 at 5:25 AM



Ganesha is a symbol of prosperity and profound knowledge and is believed to be destroyer of all obstacles which come in our way in our undertakings.




Ganesha should be installed on the top of the entrance of the house to deflect all negative energies and to remove the Vastu defects of wrong position of the entrance. However, when you install a Ganesha idol on the entrance above the door frame, you must ensure that they are installed in pair and back to back on both sides. It is believed that Ganesha is always accompanied by his two wives Riddhi (Prosperity) and Siddhi (Knowledge) and poverty resides behind his back. If you just install one Ganesha Idol facing outside at the entrance its back will have your abode and you do not want poverty inside the house. Hence it is recommended to install Ganapati, back to back at the entrance.


Similarly, when you install an idol or painting in the house, place it next to an external wall and not next to a wall that separates two rooms of the house. Ganesha can face the North direction as he is happy if he is facing North which is the abode of his father

– Lord Shiva.



Most importantly you should take care that Ganesha is not made of broken pieces of wood, leaves, either in idol or in a painting. The first figure with this post shows Ganesha made of disjoint leaves, which should not be used. The second figure shows Lord Ganesha made of leaves but joined with one another. Avoid abstract paintings of Ganesha. Like all abstract paintings, they are not recommended as per Vastu.


One last advise on this topic; do not install Ganesha with the trunk to His right.



Non-hindus can also use Lord Ganesha as a Vastu cure. However, you must ensure that He is properly revered and respected by all members of the family, kept clean and in a clean surrounding.


God Bless!!


Lord Ganesha commonly known as remover of obstacles and hindrances and Lord of prosperity is available in figurines and statues made up of various materials. Silver, Copper, wood, clay, porcelain, brass and white metal are few such materials in which Ganesha statues are available. Placing Ganesha idol made of a particular material in a particular direction enriches many more benefits as per Vastu. Here I am writing about the materials of Lord Ganesha idol and its favorable direction according to Vastu.



Please note that this advice is applicable to Ganesha figurines placed inside the house and not necessarily for those placed on both sides of entrance or those placed in the Pooja. This advice is only applicable for Ganesha idols placed as a decor.


Silver Ganesha


Silver Ganesha can be placed at Southeast, West and Northwest direction. Avoid placing in South and Southwest direction.


Copper Ganesha


East and South direction are best to place copper Ganesha. Southeast and northwest are not recommeded to place copper Ganesha.


Wood Ganesha


Beneficial direction for wooden Ganesha is North, North-east and East.

Do not place wooden idol in South east direction.



Clay Ganesha


Ganesha made up of clay or terracotta can be placed at South-west direction. Never place clay Ganesha in West and North directions.


Porcelain or Raisin Ganesha


Porcelain Ganesha can be placed at East, southeast and northwest direction. Avoid placing in North direction.


White Metal Ganesha


White Metal Ganesha can be placed at East of South east direction and

west direction. It should not be placed in Northeast and Northwest direction.


Brass Ganesha


East, South and west directions are beneficial to place brass Ganesha. Northeast and North are directions best avoided to place such Ganesha.




Please feel free to write to me at for Vastu, Astrology and Numerology Consultations including Rudraksha and Gemstone recommendations.


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Reply Bunty Purkayastha
12:22 AM on February 20, 2014 
Dear Sir,
I live in 1 BHK, hence kept the fish tank in the living room and my parents sleep there. Will this bring any bad effects. I will send u the picture of the room with the direction. I hope that will help you better to understand the placing. Actually what i earn are getting drain out some way or the other... and nothing is working out in good way. let me also tell u that i stay in rented house